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When I was 21 years old back around 2010 I started seeing things very clearly and I had an epiphany that I didn’t want to just work to keep a roof over my head and my belly fed and that there had to be more to life than just a career making someone elses dream a reality. I had become naturally skeptical of how we were living our lives on Earth and took a deep dive jumping head first down a rabbit whole of secrecy that’s been hidden from the public. I discovered so much corruption and so many lies. I learned that we can only control what we can control and what I could control is what feeds these corrupt their power. By taking their power of financial gain by selling you energy, among many other things but living in the Valley of the Sun I decided getting into the solar industry was my best way to get back at these corrupt elite. I went through the yellow pages and called every solar company in the valley until I landed a sales job in the industry. I excelled very quickly by being very passionate about what I was selling I ended up moving up in the industry running my own sales teams then running the entire sales floor. Soon going onto starting my own sales and marketing companies in the industry.

Your either part of the problem or part of the solution. What’s your contribution to life?

Biz Bio:

– Creator of 123 United Me.We, challenging the perspective of the majority, shifting towards a state of true freedom, world peace, cerebral independence, energy sovereignty and life as it should be as a United Me.We.

– Owner of VOTS Energy since 2014, specializing in photovoltaics.

– Owner of Worldwide Renewables, green energy efficiency upgrades. A marketing company and the marketing leg for VOTS Energy.

– Owner of the 21st Century Executive, Merging our new economy with market trends, automation and the greenest ways to consume while enhancing gross domestic product.

Pro tip of the day: Do not lift solar panels into the wind.



World Class

Pro Tip #1: Health is #1, without it you aint got nothin else, there aint no tip #2 without your health, health is and always will be #1.

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